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Alireza Hashemi

I have always been fascinated by art, especially acting; therefore, I began my acting career in theater with groups of performing arts in Southern Khorasan province in 2005.I was involved with theater until 2008, during which I participated in art festivals as an actor and a director. I started working with film companies in 2007 while I was still following my theater career.

In 2008, I got a job in Southern Khorasan TV & Radio, a sub-branch of our state-run media. My 12 years of employment in the said organization helped me to gain experience in different vocational positions while collaborating with different national channels.I have always considered cinema as my ultimate goal in my artistic career as I’ve always been infatuated with films.

Hence, I chose cinematography as my specialized major and started working with various directors in 2018. I find gaining experience in professional and challenging environments and studying in this field sublime and astonishing.

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